Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance are a Suffolk based belly dance troupe that regularly perform throughout the country. They combine many belly dance styles to create their own "gypsy fusion", which incorporates elements of Egyptian, Turkish and Tribal as well as folkloric elements of Spanish Flamenco, Romani dance, Rajasthani and Eastern European influences. Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance holds weekly classes in Kesgrave and Woodbridge


Mystique perform bellydance in what is known as 'cabaret' or 'nightclub' style, which encompasses in the main Egyptian and Turkish moves whilst acknowledging influences from Indian/Bollywood, Flamenco, Tribal, Tribal Fusion and other dance forms. Mystique displays a wide range of dance styles from soft and romantic veil work, to stick (cane) dances, up-tempo numbers and even a hint of Bollywood. Leanne of Mystique offers weekly classes on Tuesdays at Wickham Market and Thursdays at Stratford St Andrew, Suffolk.


Anam Cara in the Celtic language means 'soul friend'. It was believed that soul friendship develops through respect and acceptance of our own self and others. We believe that this can develop through the community spirit and connection made through improvisational dance.   We were first drawn to tribal style of belly dance by the earthiness and strong feminine energy which emerges as dancers connect with each other, moving in perfect harmony, enjoying dancing for themselves. It appeared so natural and beautifully hypnotic and we wanted to be part of that. We now continue to develop as dancers, teachers and performers sharing what we have learned with numerous professional dancers and teachers and teachers around the globe, through teaching and performing ourselves.. We teach weekly classes and create workshops and performances customised to your requirements.


Eastern Delight have been dancing together for a number of years.  They give demonstrations, perform at local Haflas, and take part in a range of events, many to support local groups and charities.  They enjoy the challenge of competitions and won the adult section of the Sudbury Dance Festival this year. They practice regularly to maintain levels of fitness and develop technique,; their teacher is Faye Disley, who has a number of years experience both as a teacher and dancer.  ED are keen to develop as dancers and have attended classes taught by a number of well known international teachers and professional performers such as: Fifi Abdou, Khaled Mahmoud, Yasmina and Lorna all from Cairo, Ozgen from Turkey, Razia and Jim Boz from America, Galit Mersand from Israel and many others including Aziza and Fereshteh.


AMITY - Meaning: friendship and harmony.
Four Norfolk and Suffolk based teachers and performers come together in friendship and harmony to create a performance in celebration of their passion for dance and appreciation of their individual dance styles. Amity are:
Anam Cara Dance, Hipdrop and Sunrise Coast Belly Dance.


Leela is an instructor and professional bellydancer from Suffolk.  She teaches classes throughout the area, and also performs with her troupe, Mystique.  She loves all belly dance styles, incorporating them into her own style, using Egyptian, Turkish and Arabic influence with Bollywood fusion, tribal fusion and even street/hip hop flare.

Lilith Dreaming are the professional belly dance troupe of Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance. They perform throughout East Anglia for various events, conferences, workshops, parties, demonstrations, weddings and more. Lilith Dreaming perform both improvisational dances and choreographed routines that show the inner strength and spirit for which they are named.


Utopian Sunrise, aka Deborah & Heather, are a mother/daughter duo who have shared their love of bellydance for 13 years. They are the brains behind East Anglia's most spooktacular annual Halloween hafla, 'Shiva n Sheik' (taking place this year on 26th October-). Heather also teaches classes & a variety of workshops based in & around the Lowestoft area. Search Facebook: 'Sunrise Coast Belly Dance' and 'Shiva n Sheik' for further information on their classes & events.


Naia (Joanna van der Hoeven) is the director and teacher of Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance. She is also a member of Lilith Dreaming as well as a solo performer. She has performed throughout the UK for various events, given workshops, talks, demonstrations, appeared on television and is the organiser of East Anglian Belly Dance Superstars. She loves belly dance in all its forms, and does all she can to support the belly dance community.


The Eastern Roses were  formed in 2003 by Sitara and is a group of  dedicated and highly skilled dancers passionate about Belly Dance. The Eastern Roses are based in Essex and are renowned for their variety, diversity and spectacular costuming style and dedication to providing breathtaking


"Sama" (Cielo Avila) is an experienced Argentinean belly dancer. She started belly dancing at the age of 13 and is now getting started as an instructor in Ipswich.


Janai stepped into the world of Egyptian belly dance 16 years ago. She has been teaching this lovely dance form for 12 years around East Anglia and at dance festivals around the UK. Janai also runs a souk called Hipdrop with her husband, Derek. She has learnt from many teachers in the UK, as well as Keti Sharif and Liza Laziza whilst in Egypt and most recently from Hossam and Serena Ramzy. Her website:

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